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Critics about "The Three Knot Lane"
Shockmagazin (www.shocmagazin.hu)
The GuilThee band from Veszprém sent me their second demo in audio format pull-out cover with lyrics, photo, accompanying letter. The boss of the band Tóth Gábor is on the very edge of being a dangerous flyboy in the promotion. But fortunately the drummer/sampling boss did not render more difficult my view because the two songs recorded at the Citysound Studio pleased nice surprise.

The band was established in 2006 and these days only one founder member stayed in, Gábor Tóth. There was a big wandering around him in the last two years which would be grudged by Gobi desert as well. The first demo was HC-based howling metal music, which gathered a lot from extreme musics too.
Then thanks to an internet prize, The Three Knot Lane was born in last December and theese songs represent a relatively different trend.

The first of the two tracks, the Melt Into Sternum is an experimental theme I think, where the feel creation leads and the unobtrusively planted background-synth recesses along this. Although I would draw a parallel with Obituary because of languid tempo and trampy sounding and that would be authorative tone in the future. Namely Gábor emboldened the connection of the two trend, the early Pink Floyd sound and the progressive death metal as aim. This conception is exciting, whereas the realisation is a hard task. I see only one obstruction: being diffinent.

The Candid Debauch is a fast song with more tempo-changing which shows moderate style. The effects of experimental bands (Death, Cynic) appears here, who was mentioned by Gábor above but these marks only appears not emerges. Temporarily. The musical lowliness and desperation is in and there is no problem with instrumental skills, but they have to unchain the imagination, and compose more vailantly. I hope this will go on with a new line-up after this demo.

- Oravecz Zoltán -
translating: Varga Anita

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Fémforgács (www.femforgacs.hu)
The band from Veszprém, Guilthee, is not an easy matter since its formation. While the members were changing constantly the tendency hesitation and being under some influences shows various and undefined results. But what we could be sure about is that the sickness has been always circulating at different parts in their music’s organism. To save the audience from the list of the members I would emphasize two of them who played important role in preparing the album, The Three Knot Lane. Namely they are Gergő Nagy (vocal) - the well-done cover is also due to him - and Péter Márton who was key figure by his guitar themes in Septicmen and Without Face.

The only present member now is Gábor Tóth - who beats the drums and sometimes plays the synthesizer. I received this album that I'm criticising now from him (with plenty of information which is public in part) and to make it clear I would tell some reasons about the radical changes and other cases happened to the band...

The situation is only that they won 30000 HUF on the voting of Mymusic wich couldn't be solved in Citysound despite of the efforts and trials during two moths. Finally TG got bored with it - I think everybody did - so "The main point is that I mixed it in 10 days and here is the result. It's average, the drums are weak but without trigger I couldn't execute much more." He let me know some about the new members but it's going to clear up on the rehearsals and not to forget this is a review so the real new members will be published in the latest news. So let's talk about this EP with its two songs which sounds pretty good and is demanding in its appearance despite of all the tortures written above. Expressing it in antoher way it's still a sickness even if not on masterlevel but eventually we woke up on the operating table looking for our last healthy limb with a notched scalpel in hand…

The Melt Into Sternum starts slowly, almost doomy, and I'm hearing obviously kind of old Dark Clouds, so called (or) Nadir elements, then it reminded me the tentative solutions of Noctornus from Florida effected by the synthesizer. There is a psychotic pleasant stop in the middle then the flappy louring melody starts again. The Candid Debauch is a more massive and rough song. Some Benediction old school comes to the front at some parts of it. The morbid vocals is added by exuisite, nearly industrial distorsions. It is a more serious and progressive song, but the strength vanishes a little, so the musician enjoys it more than a cursory common listener. So what can I say? They revolutionized according to the last matter The Ghost of Denying, but I felt also on that demo the GuilThee move as a grub in the web of the ideas. The second matter is more morbid determinedly, but they haven't find their real place yet, and I think they will change again with the new crew, and they will make some new stuff with jumping the ladder of the genres.

There is only one problem with this; they can't buildup real fandom because they give not too opposing but different matters. The Ghost of Denying demo was a more digestible and a kind of hybrid thing (in the lyrics too), while this new one is crossower again but alias and for others. The GuilThee is a big riddle but I think we will meet their name in the future because they struggle, have ideas, have knowledge but the surface is slippery as life too...

- haragSICK -
translating: Varga Anita

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About the "Ghost of Denying"
Hunderground Magazin (www.hunderground.hu)
The story of the band Guilthee is an interesting 21th century's story. The two founder member, Péter Márton (guitars) and Gábor Tóth (drums), were getting aquainted on the internet then decided to establish a band where the guitar is brutal, the drum beats agressively, the bass sounds hard and the vocal howls and rattles with them.

The band was founded in July, 2006 and at the beginning the members were always changing. The first constant formation standed up after they recorded their demo in the end of the year with Tibor Németh (bass) and Ádám Horváth (vocal). But still on the record Peti’s old comrade from Without Face and Sunseth Sphere, György Bánfalvi treats the bass.

The instrumental records, the drum arrangements and mixing was finished at Gábor's place and the vocal was recorded at Amp Studio. Otherwise the home-made parts is heard on it. Although everything is audible correctly so the proportions are right, somehow the insturments one by one don't sound that real hard. Guitar scratches as Péter wrote in the attending mail, but I think it should snatch instead.

The first song is Soul Collector. Classic thrash and modern themes prevail over this song. The second one is Seven Faces which reminds me of the Hungarian HC bands from the '90s. I mean the dissonant, halfloud themes that is (also) typical of Leukémia. The starting part of Cremation is refreshing and the slowing down after that is emphasized. The Ghost Denying starts with trashing then quickly turns into twirling tempo. My favourite theme is in this song and it seems like it has an chorus part.

However the guys say base of the music are death metal, hardcore and power metal triangle, I'd rather mention thrash and HC with some death, but this latter is due to the rare severe vocal. The vocal is usually spattering and shouting. Every song includes some returning elements but none of them is clearly outstanding so it's hard a bit to memorize the songs. I like the various drum themes and that the bass is not the same to the guitar but it's very melodious and imaginative and if it's needed it operates perfectly with the drum. I don't know if it's due to the composers or the session bassmaster Bánfalvi but it tones all this so amusing.

What I don't like that much is the appearance. The brown surface of the CD is pretty showy but the cover is in lack of any idea. It would be much better and affective if the appearance is the same on both.

Last news about the band is that Tibi and Ádám left and the founders stayed on their own again and until another record is done they don’t want to fill the opening positions. We'll see wich way the cat jumps.

Translating: Varga Anita

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