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27th Jan 2013.

We are happy to announce that we are going to start to work on our new album in early spring, but now the boot is on the other leg... We won't copmose any music till the hungarian lyrics are not ready and complete. We decided that as soon as we have finished recording and mastering the stuff we'll publish english translations as well! There was quite a good turnout about it recently...

11st July 2012.

Recently a lot of fans of ours were asking regarding our albums in physical form. From the beginning we are looking for a record label, because as a music band we know that how important is to be published. Till now we had two offers, but unfortunately those were not based on our needs and terms.
If you have a label and would like to cooperate with us, please contact as soon as possible! We are looking for a succesfull collaboration.
Our terms:
1. All the full-lenght albums have to be available for free on our official website. This term seems strange for the first time, but it is logical: First of all, nowadays (usually) no one buys a CD unless listening or checking it at least once before. Secondly if the downloading process is not for free, it is almost sure that the music will appear on some music-sharing pages in uncertain content and quality. So with this term we can guarantee that the music you downloaded before is exactly the same that you will find on the CD and by the way you won't spend your money on something you don't know.
2. No remastering and remixing. The sound that we have developed is an important and unique source for the audience to understand the complex conception, the whole "Guilthee feeling" and stands as a witness of the way that we have done and the road so far. If you are interested to see any GuilThee's stuff in physical form -like we do-, you can speed-up the process with sharing this post!

- GuilThee -

07th May 2012.

Szemantikai háromszögek is out! You can download HERE free .

02nd April 2012.

For now the third GuilThee album will not be released on CD. We decided so because we do not have the sources to release the CDs in te quality they should be.
In this position, this could only be achieved if a publisher would show interest in our work, or if we had a great kind amount of money at our sole disposal. Therefore all interested people can reach the new album in mp3 format with the attached accessories (cover, text, press kits, etc).
We know it is not only unworthy for the critics, but for the fans also, so we are doing all in our power to provide everyone with a goodquality portable audio disks as soon as possible.
Release date is expected in a month.
Until then we unmask the cover and the disc title: Szemantikai háromszögek (Semantic triangles)

07th February 2012.

The band is working on the third album. They writing songs as usual - one man one song. Each instrument recording is taking place at home not in the studio, so we are very comfortable with our time. The release date is still unknown.
Currently VIII. writes the lyrics.

We are not looking for a publisher, but we are willing to be discussed any proposal, as long as the material can be downloaded for free from

13th November 2011.

Sick mind of Gabor in clock and dagger as Nagaarum, published his new album together with the solo project of Müon alias Piris Ákos (October Sun, To-Mera).
The music of Müon is mutch like Nagaarum’s, although the Hét Ég is a bit faster than the last album.

The two albums can be downloaded

27th October 2011.

Our friend Károly decided to leave the crew.
The reason is the following ... He was joining GuilThee as a tour band, but we could not keep up with the requirements of a live stage performing. I wish him sincerely succeed and a break through with the Animid Effect.

On my opinion the transformation of the music industry has launched a series of events, which makes it impossible to apply a small bands to perform live, ‘cause the big organizations have the market under the control.
GuilThee is one of those small bands, but will keep up the work and hope for the best.
The work on the third album is starting in 2012.

- Nagaarum -

30th September 2011

Three days ago, Gabor alias Nagaarum published a new solo album called Űrkert.

Nagaarum - Űrkert

19th Jul 2011.

Betty presents:
Varga Betty - Ave Maria (Franz Schubert)

17th Jul 2011.

Our photographer Köles Misi added a new gallery (The Very Best Of Me) on the following link:
Web Site at the koles.hu.

6th Jul 2011.

Two of our friends, Oravecz Zoli (Shockmagazin) & Szappanos Zoli (Rockerek) paid us a visit in Veszprém. We have put some new photos in the gallery.
On the 11th of this month the Tilos Radio will be hosting us live in their Gorezone magazine.

14th Jun 2011.

Gabor released his first solo album Űrerdő under the pseudonym Nagaarum.
Űrerdő contains 11 songs stuffed with genres of ambient and black metal whit a “pinch” of analog synth. Simple, dark and depressing.
Download the official web site:

24th May 2011.

It is free to download all our demos and albums in the download area! However, the Homunculus Paradox and the Lustration CD’s can be ordered via e-mail, if someone really want have them.

Meanwhile, few themes are nascent for the third album. Thus far this is the grandest business we caught in ourselves.

31st January 2011.


Dear friends! You can listen the new album on our Mymusic site.
Today, we have arranged the protection of rights. We do not need any label yet. Why the hell should we?
Who wants to obtain a quality lossless format, can do it soon, cause the MÉZ (Magyar Élőzene Művészeti) Nonprofit Ltd. will also distribute this album, as well as the Lustration.

The GuilThee always considered the online and the printed media promotion as the most important, it will continue to do so on. So once the CDs are ready, the promotion can begin.

17th December 2010.

We have finished the mixing and mastering of the new album Homunculus Paradoxn.

The sound is much better than on the Lustration, because the guitars and the bass are not overwhelmed with so many effects, so to speak: they sound clear and accordingly dynamic.
Now takes place the copyright, administration and distribution. Misi is editing the covers, which will be a very special surprise to those who feel an urge for physical own the CD.
It is a great pleasure for us to have 16 requests from media (online and from printed media as well) to send them promotional material.
The length of the CD is almost 49 minutes.
In January it will be heard on our Mymusic profile in good quality.

18th October 2010.

Studio Diary - Chapter 2.
(from Károly)

We had finished to recording the instrument tracks (those tracks we definitely have to record at Atesz - Gábor).
In the other side of the guitars there was two amps and cabinets again with a difference that lines in my guitar a Jackson Kelly XL pro and a Peavey 5150 ringed with the character of the Bill Lawrence pick-ups.
The work moved on fast, we started it 11 a.m. and we completed 20 p.m. including solos.
In the evening we got drunk to celebrate our results...

We accomplished the objective we planned, so we payed attention the vocals too. Gábor was howling, Betty was singing spouting and whistling and I was rattling.

5th October 2010.

Studio Diary - Chapter 1.
(from Gábor)

The following events was in the Bánd.
We arrived in the Saturday a little time after half past eight. We fixed the instruments which was a Marshall JVM and a Crate Amps and two Marshall 4X12 cabinets. The guitar we used was Atesz's 30 year old Gibson SG because of the concert of the Animid Effect where Károy had to play him Jackson and its tunning with C.
So we recorded Balázs's riffs with 2 amps and 2 cabinets. The sounding stout, strong as its has to be.

In the Sunday I ramed up the bass after I can beat my stage fright. The biggest compliment was for me when Attila said: you were skilly! That was right owing to the fact that I did't overextend myself at first in my life. I am not a bassist so I try to play minimal riffs. There was a point where I try to was virtuoso, but the others said to me the theme was stereotyped therefore I call Atesz to play some mini-solo.

A Trace-Ellion AH300 amp and two cabinets directed the sounding of the bass with a mild overdrive.

Misi, my sister, and my brother-in-law made photos, videos. Atesz was patient that there are 3-4 person in his studio except the working GuilThee member sometimes.

We spent lunch time in house of the Balázs's parents both days. The menu in the Saturday was a specialty, dumling with plum and poppy. Atesz ate eight.

29th September 2010.

Over the weekend we are starting a recording of Homunculus Paradoxon album in Band at the AMP Studio.
Some song names:

Redhand Succubi Theory
Manna Di San Nicola
Die Vier Junkfrauen
Útban délnek
Spire Disaster
The First Experiment

Gábor had in September a minor surgical intervention on his knee. Partly for this reason, but rather because the fact that we do not have a bass-player, he will play the bass on the tracks. He’s not suppose to play drums at least a year, so it will take some while to return to his original instrument.
To make the female vocals more colorful we are proudly introducing Betty’s sister Anita on our new album.

5th September 2010.

The Lustration album cover artist Zoltán Pataki, tetoo-artist, a criticist, journalist will have an exhibition on September the 10th 2010 in Pécs, wich will take place in Kanta Bar.

Click on the small picture to see a large poster.

- TéGé -

28th August 2010.

We arranged three weekends for recording. More specifically: Oct. 2-3-16-17, and Nov. 6 and 7th.
The rhythm guitar, bass and vocals will be for sure recorded there. The solos and acoustic guitars might been done at home, 'cause now we have a very brutal sound card; so if maybe we'll be in some trouble with time, we can do them anywhere. This also stands if someone had a new revolutionary vocal idea.
We'll have on the material some industrial and environmental noises as well. With the current equip we can record even chatter of birds in the woods.

The drums are again done in well known sampler-mode, we do not want to complicate too much.

Of the recordings are gonna be photos, and this time even a small video feature.

9. July 2010.

Gábor's new homepage is done!
Check this at www.gabortoth.com. Only hungarian temporarily.

16. May 2010.

On the new album will be 12 songs.

In the past half year we made a demo long 47 min. It will stay this way. In general, there are no dumped-projects, what is once written, usually fits somewhere. This time everyone took part in the composing. The heavy parts are again popped out from Roy the Boar's head. Gabor and Balazs wrote two heawy sections as well. Emil brought some midi sith, and gave some tips on the prcusions. The psychedelic parts will be organized by Gabor.
The further plans are to getting started on lirycs and vocals. Betty will again create a soft and creepy atmosphere on the album. Moreover, we use the non-rehersal method during this demo making, so we have to learn the songs before the recordings wich will take place hopefully this fall... :- D
Moreover, we use the non-rehersal method during this demo making, so we have to learn the songs before the recordings wich will take place hopefully this fall... :- D

On 15th may we organized a gathering in Boar's Mansion, where we celebrated the clousing in of the new album with our dolly's and friends. Mike (the-photo-man) was there too, thanks to him it's expected a great arrival of new photographs to the gallery. Despite to his continuous protests we were able to take a picture of him as well. (Good looking guy!)

< < < By the way, Ristos Kuzmin's sister infiltrate the immortal clan of the photographers with a patchwork. Click it!

> > > gallery

- Katrina -

11st March 2010.

Check it now!

7th March 2010.

Back to USSR!

If anyone cares to see the spiritualy leader band of Hungary in an abandoned Soviet barracks, they will wake up with they every desire fulfilled. We previous convince the Hungarian military attache of the benefit for the army if we make some photos on the premises with the Bulgarian Playboy camerman Ristos Kuzmin, couse our personal photographer was in Cape Town to shout (hopefully with the gun) Cosby, Stills, Nash & Young.
On the images you can see darknes, rigor and hevimetal.

P.S.: The third picture look stupid, because someone put drugs im my cocain.

- VIII. -

Te pictures will be available in the gallery, when is Mishika done with dem. I'll keep in touch. More than a year was the last pictures made of us.

We wrote a song again. Four of us.

- TéGé -

9th January 2010.

Happy New Year to all our visitors!

We are moving quite well in the composing of the second album. Charles (vocalization: Karcsika) and I (vocalization: TéGé-ke) have spend some quality time together and wi've write a 6-minute long opus, which sounds like monumental piece called Beloved Wife of Man.
We have about 22 minutes of raw material, plus Emil's (vocalization: Emilke) abstract ideas.
In these days will be decided when we see each other again. Mishi (vocalization: Mihályka) will also be invited to the seance with the Mean Mashin of his (vocalization: photo camera), so almost after a year the entire world could see our sublime misery again.
Moreover a year passed without a single concert we had. However the critics of Lustration appeared on several pages, and also in the printed media (Metal Hammer), and there was a live radio interview with us in Tilos Radio. Thank you we're fine. Anyone who wants to spark get on it! Yeah!

- TéGé -

15th November 2009.

Yesterday the membership of GuilThee conduct a particular meeting, and with a little help of some brew we manage to take some decisions about our future.
The first unfortunate news that is Pesta Vértesi no longer a member of the band. We are currently four-member band, as in the beginning, but now there is no bassist. However, we're not even looking for one. For any concerts that are eligible Emil will be managing the bass. And wi'll see who will be playing for the recording, maybe all of us, or each song somebody else, as the situation require...
The new audio, as I have mentioned last time need time to come out. So far the psychedelic deposits will not create separate tracks (or rather not definitely), wi'll try to work them in the hard themes. Betty Varga once again will be included in the work with her angelic voice. The lyrical themes will be telling a ful story.

23rd Oct 2009.

GuilThee on the day of national feast [spetialy in Hungary] began to write their second record. The usual method will be apply, wich is interactiv song writing, no real rehearsals for moust of the stuff. The flight time is 13 hours 50 minutes. Roy is struggling about half an hour to invent valuable tune for the intro.
The technique has not been able to mess us up...

Since this time we're not chased by any evil nation, in greatest tranquillity can we take our time, and give you something nice that will provide refreshment for your soul and eares in couple of... well time.

Tamás sleepwalker Kovács, and Pallagi october Attila thank you for your technical support! Because we are so absentminded...

27th Sept 2009.


Gabor ran in Tomi Kovacs this July (Lunatic Asylum), and this „rendezvous” bring to life a monster called Krampüs. The goal is making a speed and lov-pitched grindcore music, without melodic singing. The official site can be found at the www.krampusband.com. And the first four numbers can be heard on TheirSpace.

The first gig will take place in the Cultural-House :=) in Ajka-Padragkút somewhere around 18:30.

- TéGé -

24th July 2009.


This weekend we will be brooding (Pesta-Roy-I) of the past and the future; and cooled we our throats from warm, dry, dust-ashes with soft and terry nectar. Our dearests, our friends, family members will be on this noble event by the Balaton! Gergő a former member of the band, founding member, the lyrics writer for The Three Knot Lane album, singer, maker of the record jacket and GuilThee logo creator will be also there.

Recent news is the apperance of a review on the portal Mymusic about Lustraion. By the way, who have not yet noticed, there can be heard the all album in good quality (also the demo tracks).

Here is the link of the songs.

- TéGé -

28th May 2009.

Our orchestra was invited by the Tilos Radio to their Gorezone magazin to have a live chat with us. The premiere of the Lustration album will be taking place there as well.
Date: June 15-th 20:00 CET.
During the conversation it will be possible to ask questions from the gang on chat.

We are request technical assistance from the Dalok.hu because many people are complaining of the bad download.

Reviews about the latest album can be found in the "articles" menu. A special pleasure for us is the review in Metal Hammer, where wie achieved 8 points on scale of 10.

- TéGé -

18th April 2009.

Zoli Pataki do also tattoos. A client of his was intrested in a character wich is on GuilThee’s new cover. The tattoo is just few days old. „It will glitter in full real beautiful colours when the ink set’s in.” Zoli explained this to my ’cause I’m not familiar in these things...

The band salutes the decision of these brave young man!

- TéGé -

25th March 2009.

Click HERE to download Lustration!

24th February 2009.


Finally it’s done.
Finally it’s done. The 45 min full material can be heard on MySpace (www.myspace.com/guilthee) for 2 weeks. Soon you can buy a distinguished audio copy in high quality from the net. The negotiations has ben finished already regarding the distribution.
The graphic design for the cover is made by our friend, Zoli Pataki. The subsequent work will be soon at end. We hope, that the stuff will blow everybody’s head off. Listen to it!

On the front page you may vote, which one is the kick ass song.

29th January 2009.

We entered the Rock Space talent spotter.
For wie had a 45 minutes finshed material, it is obvious that we are not after the first prize. The audience prize attracts us rather, to which we need many votes.
Based on our votes, we sign up with a song named Embarrassment...
The mixing is not definitive.
It is possible to vote and listen: here

9th December 2008.

Studio Diary - Chapter 3.
(By Betty)

On 6th December Betty, Roy and Gábor, we met at Atesz's studio again. How nice gift – workaholic forever. :) But it is joyful of course so nobody complained.

First of all we had to record acoustic strips which was held off last time. It is accomplished already, but took a lot of time. Since our time was limited we haven't finished off the whole. Fortunately I completed a track, but some task was stand over. The work was hard without Emil because vocalists fight for their will generally, but after all there was no problem. Our all time problem appeared again, especially the slow working because of tuning to H and Pesta's bass strips lack as well. These all are included in our upside plans next year. Attila also has a lot to do.

What is worthy to mention about this day, it was quite a challenge. I think everybody drew a lesson and the conclusions regarding themselves. Namely qualitative work needs time, it doesn't pay to bustle, and it’a salutary to prepare ourselves for an appointed work, and business day takes eight hours basically. Otherwise I felt like time was flying rapidly, and my part was funny but I think it was welldone.

It's important to be noted about Attila that he has a huge patience therefore he accepts perfect work only. He is a positive-thinking man, there are good things simply I could tell about him, but I don't want to overdo this so I step forward.

We signed off early relatively, but everybody is in fever of the rehearsal at the weekend, the guys are preparing full blast. I reckon so the date of our gig for 19th December is not sure yet but it will be cleared up soon. The other one on 20th in Veszprém seems to be accepted. I personally hope so that I can be there, I would nowise miss out this gig. What I expect of this concert is that I perceived last year too: severe-naked-metal straight ahead to faces spiced with brutality without playing hardball, posturing and flippancy!

24th November 2008.

Stúdio diary - Chapter 2.

We were uncompromising to drive to the Bakony any the less it was snowing at last weekend. The 90 percent of vocal themes was recorded. Emil and Betty was working for 15 hours Saturday and Sunday at Atesz. All the harsch and clean vocals are already recorded, and also some screams, whimpers and special sound effects made by throat are laboured which are never heard before on our former demos. You can perceive a 20 seconds vocal theme by Gábor too listening one of the tracks.

On the whole there will be black, death and gothic effects in this matter regarding the vocals.

Especially positive fact could be that some wrinkle was devised on the spot thus the stuff is very ad-lib. But because of this we came along more slowly and Atesz took a succesful exam about patience again. Then he looked at the band with his chuff eyes and said:
- It's over for today...

Only a female vocal of a linker theme is remaining.

Misi appeared again during the recordings so the gallery has been expanded.

22nd November 2008.

Stúdio diary - Chapter 1.

We have started the recording of our third stuff - hopefully full-length album - in the scenic village Bánd (Hungary). The recording of all tracks will take one month at least. The work was beginned by Károly then Balázs picked up his rhythm.
We got a KSP guitar from its maker which will assign melt silky brutality for guitar themes. We will record the solos and acoustic stuff in December and the bass in January. The synths and drums strips works are in process.
While were working in Bánd Emil and Betty discussed the vocals and they will record them on 22-23, Nov. Regarding the lyrics the philosophycally subject is expected as the routine was on earlier demos as well. Unlike the first and second demo the current matter will contain Hungarian yack in two tracks.

Our photographer gratified his passion too and also there are some photos of Emil taken. Including hairy ones too.

Some title from new matter:

Embarrassment of the Fall and of the Fool As Well
Regrettably Compound by the Son of the Adeptus and the Blind Mistress
Lilith and the Serpent
Minor Disturbance in the Spirit Sphere in Antiquity
Learn to Obey
Enuma Elis
S eljön értünk a fény

Atesz has got 7 cats.

14th September 2008.

The band will start the recording of the third matter in Bánd with contribution of Atesz Pallagi. The length of teh art will be approximately 50 minutes.
We have a far better audio-system by now, especially we set up ourselves professional sound-card, and studio monitors. You may realize that we will use own master again. But now we will have enough time to find the decent sounding accordingly the stuff is not comes up this year.

In these two months we fix the pent-up raw material, and Emil write the lyrics. We did the rehearsals in last weekend in order to this.

We put our location to Budapest thinkable because of our rehearsal room falled dead, and our manager Zsolt Czappán moved there.


22nd August 2008.

Our friend Zoltán Pataki's site is done. He will design and make the jacket for our new matter. You find this here.

"...The formality will reflect the desperation and sickness of the music, and hopefuly I shall transmit the atmosphere of the art visually... I would like to say thank you for the request..."


09th August 2008.

Since 23. July the vocalist of the GuilThee is Emil Csula a guy from Vajdaság (Serbia). He will write the lyrics for new matter. We have one rehearsal with him. I have to observe the composing of the new stuff is in process, 37 minutes is done on the score of guitars and drums, synths, and some lyrics. We are working to lean internet and home practicing mainly. There are no living place our members in same town by this time.

We emphasize the internet promotion henceforward.
We have a new homepage moreover.
And we would like to appeal the official news about the band will release here primarily. Of course the legitimate internet profiles will announce real information (Myspace, Mymusic, fanzines) from us.


15th July 2008.

We have an invitation in Tilos Rádió yesterday. You can download the chat here (hungarian).


19th June 2008.


Gergő had to leave the GuilThee on personal and musical score. We have started the discussion with spotted persons to fill this task.

But there are some good news. We got an invitation from Gorezone which is a programme at the hungarian radio Tilos.


16th June 2008.


Czappán Zsolt, one of our friend will be the new organizing - contact person of the GuilThee. He is the one competent to deal with concerts and more details.

Contact with him here.


7th May 2008.

Gábor has started his one-person psychedelic project namedPigballoon. Three track was uploaded to the Myspace here: www.myspace.com/pigballoon...

26th March 2008.

In a meeting of last weekend we auditioned Soós Gergely and his knowledge gained us over. He will sing in the Vezen. And it amounts to this the crew have been entire.
Our songs are sitting enthroned six days back the first six place on Mymusic Webchart...:-D We thanks for the help all of you, which is very important of us in the future, so if you hold on with us please push the play button here:


We got a request from the GOREZONE of the hungarian Tilos Rádió to send our songs them.

We will start the writing of our new matter after the Vezen.

- TéGé -

11st March 2008.

Help us!
There is a player on Mymusic site. If you launch our tracks a counter check it and the best bands get a chance to make an LP in the end of the year!
Here is the link, if you would like to help:


- TéGé -

10th February 2008.

The rehearsal period has started with the new members. I would like to tell names, because the first meeting was very reassuring.

My friend Bachstetter Balázs and me started making music in Lust some time ago. This was my first band. We marched on for eight years long in Veszprém and the nearby area. He will play the rhythm guitar.
Vértesi István was the bassist of the Black Molly which was a fabulous band at Ajka. At this time he performs in a band at Ajka named Atis Mega Kabócák. We played together in Ötödik Évszak menagerie after Lust had broken up.
Furthermore we contacted with Greskó Károly who is the vocalist/guitarist of the Animid Effect. He is just helping us now, because he is exhausted by that band.

After the split we got authority to six demo track, and we separated the guitar and drum/synth tracks of the other songs which are under processing. Into the leftover tracks I’m writing the new effects with my clouded mind.
The critics about The Three Knot Lane are coming up which will be translated soon. We got the contact some publisher too...



15th January 2008.

Before the Three Knot Lane promotion it was happened a tempestuous event what shows another perspective the future of the band. Three members had to left the GuilThee. I am alone at this time, but discussions are in process with the progenies of Peti, Gergő and Tibi.

Our tracks diverged without any anger, but Gergő was thinking about his keeping.

The music will change in some degree.
We keep the death metal frames, but the synth will come up, and if we find a vocalist who can sings tunes, this tunes will appear in our music.

But i would like to mention that the band get into the hungarian Wikipedia. Click here for the article.

31st December 2007.

We'd like to wish all our fans a happy new year!
A small summary of what this year was about.
We released two demos.
Both was made with extraordinary diligence, and we feel we did our best at work.
We had to face a great deal of atrocities, sordidness and lies, we also took part in torturing others, each other as well, but one thing can be claimed for sure: WE CARRY ON.

And now for some statistics:

Thx for the translating to: Bajcli

30th December 2007.

There is the cover as a whole.

12nd. December 2007.

The Three Knot Lane demo!

So it done...

We almost thought that we (they) won't be able to finish the work before the 3rd millenary, but at last, after a great amount of trouble, adversity, and obstacles, the new EP called Three Knot Lane is here, being the second in line.
Another part of the story is, that the raw materials, which were recorded in Citysound studio, have finally been mixed by us, because it was impossible to get on with the studio.

Unlike the previous EP, you can hear real drums on The Three Knot Lane, on one of the songs synth, as well.
All in all, we're pleased with it, and hope we won't have to ponce this much to save up enough money to finance the making of a decent full length album.
Serious preparations are being made during the rehearsals, as it is possible, that we will accompany a rather prestigious band on tour in the spring/next spring.
Tibi will play the bassline at live shows.

31st October 2007.

There are several reasons which delay the mixing of the stuff, but we're on it.
Fresh pictures about the recording of the album & Gergő - our former bassist/new singer - can be found in the Gallery.

31st August 2007.

Gergő go to studio on 8 Sept to howl the matter for our second stuff.
We make video record about the work, just as you get pictures at the gallery. The tracks will able to download from this site, and from our Myspace Page.

6th August 2007.

The recording will start on 18 aug. It is a fact that will be synth strips at the record.
The technical preparation go on now. It means we have to purchase some instrument that we will able to do a more categorical sound. The new stuff will be stronger, faster and uniform in many ways.

8th July 2007.

Our line-up was changed. Ádám and Tibi left to the band. Until the studio recording this two position will not fill. Nagy Gergő (founder member of Guilthee, ex bassist) will sing two track. The bass will be done by Peti. With due arrangements, we achieve our idea, that synth strips appear some song, exclusively as decoration, not as solo.

9th June 2007.

After the 13th August we're gonig to record a promo album which will contain 2 tracks. This time we'll use real drums on the recording. We haven't decided yet to issue the album on CD,but it will be available at Myspace and on this site under the dowload link. With this album we want to promote ourself at home and abroad.

10th May 2007.

Guilthee is the band of the month on Mymusic! With 1730 votes we won the poll, and we get the chance to record a promo album at Citysound Hangstúdió, Budapest. Soon you can download the tracks from our Myspace site. Thanks for those who'd voted for us!

8th May 2007.

19th May 2007. Guilthee live in Alagsor, Várpalota with Septicmen and Harlot. Starts from 10 pm.

26th April 2007.

For booking and organization apply to Anna Szilágyi (Valiur) szilagyi.anna@guilthee.com.

31st March '07.

If you like our music and the band is attractive, now you can help us a lot! We could say: Now it's your time! On Mymusic.hu there's an election every month and the band who gets the most votes gets a price. We ask you to visit this site and put as many votes as you can. The counter starts on 1st April and you can vote every day.

Yes, I would like to vote for Guilthee on Mymusic.hu!

27th March '07.

Many of you had complained that the downloading is not working. So we moved to a saftier server and now it's working perfectly.Keep on downloading!

19th March '07.

Our friend Lukács Robi helped us, so a dowload counter works on the site.

19th March '07.
The Ghost of Denying demo!

You can find the whole demo under the "download" link. We had done the first steps on the 25 of January, and we finished afterwards as usual. The reason of the delay was the lack of my time. Meanwhile a little change went through in the mastering because of Ákos so the solution was that we did it for ourselves.
We would like to thank the people who have helped us finishing the sound material, and Ákos, who was available for our disposal at anytime. Thanks for those who have waited for us, and mostly thanks to you, who listens to our tracks... But mainly you who listen it!

Peti, Gábor, Ádám, Gyuri, Tibi

02nd March '07

New pictures about the line-up of The Ghost of Denying!

24th February '07

Gyuri played up the bass themes of The Ghost of Denying. New photos are coming soon of the actual line-up.


17th February '07

Looks like we found our permanent bass player, a nineteen year old guy. Peti called Németh Tibor, and today we had our first collective jam. We will start the gigs with him.


11th February '07

We finished the recording of the new demo tracks on this weekend. Our friend Bánfalvi Gyuri played the bass. Ákos get the stuff and he has started the mastering immediately. The bass themes of two songs (The ghost of denying,Soul collector) had been recorded.

On the record you can hear some synthesyzer tunes and some guitar themes threated by effects. This is not a fact but stand a chance.

7th February '07

The gallery has been refreshed!

25th January '07.

Ádám have howled the matter of first demo at the studio of Pallagi Atesz in Bánd.
Temporarily we have small problems, because we need some stuff for the sound. The thumbling of the drum tracks were started...

These are the four tracks that will be on the demo: Soul Collector, Seven Faces, The Ghost of Deniyng, Cremation.

Amp Stúdió

30th December '06.

We have started to record our first demo with the help of Ákos Pirisi.
On the recording we use a drum machine. We will record the other instruments traditionally.


22th December '06.

The forum has started. The download menu will be filled soon.
The download menu will not be empty neither.

25th November '06.

Ádám Horváth visited our practice, and it appealed to him. He felt that he can do the singing in this band.


23th November '06.

Our site was born.


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