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4th November 2013.

Recording: Nagaarum and Mr Match
Mixing and mastering: Mr Match and Nagaarum
Artwork: Nagaarum
- author's edition -

VIII. - vocals, grunt, caw, lyrics
Nagaarum - drums, guitars, bass, synthesizers, vocals, grunt
Mr Match - saxophone, guitars, bass, synthesizers, vocals

Varga Betty - vocals

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01. Hologram a Mars-1-ről
02. Jóslat
03. Már-már
04. Mistreat
05. The Wannabe Stoic
06. Halott város
07. Technofóbia
08. Búsuló
09. Heraklész megmenti Prométheuszt a sastól
10. A csend ellenében
11. Tanulj belőlem!
12. Gyöngyház

Total: 51:15

Szemantikai háromszögek
(Semantic Triangles)

7th May 2012.

Recording: Nagaarum and Mr Match
Mixing and mastering: Nagaarum
Cover painting: Káldi Anikó
- author's edition -
(All rights reserved by Artisjus!)

VIII. - vocals, grunts, caw, guitars, bass, synthetisers and drum programming
Herr - guitars, bass, synthetisers and drum programming
Nagaarum - synthetisers and drum programming, bass, guitars, vocals, grunts

Mr Match - saxophone, synthetisers, guitars, vocals, grunts

The third album

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01. Hiedelmek magamról
02. 1/3
03. Tél a homokpusztán
04. A nyulak örökké élnek
05. Vérszívók
06. Kedd
07. A jakobinusok ellen
08. Kívánom a testet
09. Necropolis
10. A tachyonok tánca
11. Az „Csak búbánat” nótájára az ember helyéről a világban (Sajnálatos módon összeállítva az adeptus fia és vak szeretője által)
12. Inga

Total: 1:04:12

Homunculus Paradoxon

31st January 2011.

Mixing and mastering: Nagaarum
Artwork: Köles Mihály
- author's edition -
(All rights reserved by Artisjus!)

VIII. - caw, growl and clear vocals, synthesizer
Greskó Károly - rhythm, solo and acoustic guitars, growl and clear wocals
Herr - rhythm, solo and acoustic guitars
Nagaarum - drums and synthesizer programming bass, howl, whistle

Varga Betty - female vocals, background vocals, scream
Varga Anita - female vocals, background vocals
Mr Match - synthesizer on track 1
Farkas Gergely - spouting on track 1

The second album.

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01. Introitus Tragoediae
02. Succubi
03. Red-Hand Succubi Theory
04. Chorion
05. The First Experiment
06. Manna Di San Nikola
07. Die Vier Junkfrauen
08. Digitale Gaudium
09. Zitije Hermesovo
10. Spire Disaster
11. Hübrisz
12. Útban délnek

Total: 48:41


5th March 2009.

Mastering: Nagaarum
Artwork: Pataki Zoltán
- author's edition -
(All rights reserved by Artisjus!)

VIII. - harsch and clear vocals, background vocals
Greskó Károly - rhythm, solo and acoustic guitars
Herr - rhythm guitars
Vértesi István - bass
Nagaarum - drum and synthesizer programming, guitar (Enuma Elis), backgroud vocals, howl

Varga Betty - female vocals, background vocals
Pirisi Ákos - midi, guitars (Thor)

The first album.

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01. Learn to Obey Part 1.
02. Embarrassment of the Fall and the Fool As Well
03. Conomor the Accursed and Tréphine
04. Thor
05. Lilith and the Serpent
06. Enuma Elis
07. The Conqueror Worm from E.A.Poe (Regrettably Compound by the Son of the Adeptus and the Blind Mistress)
08. Minor Disturbance in the Spirith Sphere in Antiquity
09. S eljön értünk a fény
10. Beloved Wife of Man
11. Learn to Obey Part 2.

Total: 45:32

The Three Knot lane - demo

12th December 2007.

Mastering: Nagaarum & Guilthee
Artwork: Nagy Gergely
- promotal edition -
(All rights reserved by Artisjus!)

Gergely Nagy - vocals
Péter Márton - guitars, bass
Nagaarum - drums, synthesizer programming

This recording made by Mymusic prize. Or rather almost... The process went well till we would making you vote us on the Mymusic site. You helped us a lot with this, but some thing had come up because of we had made this demo hard. First of all we gave up two musicians Ádám and Tibi. Peti and me, we would have been recorded the stuff scarcely because our throat are not able for this sure enough.

Accordingly we contacted with Gergő immediately who was one of the persons who founded the GuilThee, however that time he played the bass. Headcount was sufficient, because Peti wrote and played the bass. The synth was made by me, some those tunes made easily.

Then came a time we went to the Citysound Stúdió in Budapest. We spent 3 days there, and the recording weltered correct. But it seemed we did not accentuate enough we would haven't liked demo sounding, but such as we could send foreign publisher. Hereby the final mastering was made in no wise. After a blowy phone consulting and some piques we reached getting the crude tracks. This was enough, I started the mixing at home with guidance the rest of us. I dont think the issue came out perfectly, but according to Ghost demo is advanced.

- Gábor -

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01. Melt Into Sternum
02. Candid Debauch

The Ghost of Denying - demo

19th March 2007.

Mastering: Gábor Tóth & Guilthee Cover: Gábor Tóth
- promotal edition -
(All rights reserved by Artisjus!)

Ádám Horváth - vocals
Péter Márton - guitars
György Bánfalvi - bass
Nagaarum - drum programming,

Originally we planed to create the record before February but many things came along. First we had a definite problem on the bass subject after Gergő left us. We kept the possibility open that Peti will play the bass themes but we wanted to work with a real bassist. Peti asked one of his old band members, Gyuri Bánfalvi (Without Face, Shockwave, Sunseth Sphere) to help us out with the recording. During the recordings Tibi joined the band and after that, he became the permanent bassist of the band.
We were also late because of the engagement of Ákos, so Gábor continued the work with help for the band as well.

The vocal themes were recorded at AMP Studio with Atesz Pallagi. The other instruments were recorded at Gábor's; the drums were also made there.
On this recording there's no real drums. We used a drum machine because of the lack of money and the sound problems and we thought we would finish faster (During that time I realized that if I would have played the real drums, we would have finished much faster - Gábor)

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01. Soul Collector
02. Seven Faces
03. Cremation
04. The Ghost of Denying


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