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The band was founded in June '06 to create a special toned death metal music with esoterical sounding. We prop the agressive howling crying vocal with robust guitar sound, complex riffs, tight drumming with double bass drum and mallet - convoluted bass. The feeling of songs is based on synth carpets.

Péter Márton had been looking for a drummer for a long time, and [Nagaarum] just couldn't find the right person to make a sick and brutal music without any compromise. Peti came with full songs and themes which had lack of other instruments. After the break up of [Sunseth Sphere], his previous band he looked for a perfect line-up as well.

The first themes were changed location via e-mail to accelerate its practice, and when they appeared in the rehearsal room the guitar and drum constituted a frame. The first song composed was the [Soul Collector]. The lyrics of the first matter were written by dm Horvth. At first Péter Puskás was the vocalist/lyrics-writer who bought his abstract, melancholy poems. Pusi was called by Peti but he had to leave the band few months later because of other tasks. So we made an arrangement with dm Horvth who flipped up our first gigs with his huge impetus.

Gergely Nagy arrived for the bass who jammed with Gábor in an earlier Pink Floyd cover band. They changed their tasks with Peti on the score of rythm and tune, his interesting bass themes which cited other genres but not metal. Theese kept until Gerg felt he had too much business in the band like Pusi but he would have step forward as vocalist too, if we had not found dm.

In November 2006 the composing perion was processed. But there was a problem with bass because more person were tried out when Tibor Németh arrived. But until this time Gyuri Bánfalvi who played with Peti more formations have started the recording of [The Ghost of Denying]. Tibi as permanent member changed Gyuri who did not assume the gigs because he had more another thing to do.

It happened that the two new member who were not zippy enough had to leave and the band had a sort break in rehearsals. However there was a prize in Citysound studio what had to changed like this Nagy Gergő got a request to become a vocalist from early bassist. After the recordings the band bulleted the return of Gergő in a meeting. This line-up fixed the matter [The Three Knot Lane]. Peti was handling the bass. But the mixing tracks did not go easy like the play in studio. The studio was not able to assemble the strips not even more months later so the demo was finished by Gbor in his mini studio.

As opposed to the cool welcome of the first demo about The Three Knot Lane gave positive [feedback] downright. The songs of GuilThee reached the top10 on the Webchart of Mymusic hungarian music portal. But Peti, Gergő and Tibi they live these success as outsiders because Peti had to checked out for the sake of personally problems betveen Gbor and him.

With this event the GuilThees third period started when Gábor resumed the music making with new members. The first who was requested [István Vértesi]. He proved the line of fabulous band Black Molly with his precise bass skill, then they played together in the tdik vszak. [Balzs Bachstetter] arrived to do rhythm guitar tasks an another earlier musician mate whom Gábor started the music career more than a decade previously in the Lust. An interesting case determined that the band added a solo guitarist. The vocalist/guitarist of the [Animid Effect][Károly Greskó] was requested to sing who denied this in the interests of his vocal cords, but he take on guitaring herewith advanced to make a new sounding.

Onto the next gig a suitable singer has been found, who is active in another band [Enemiga]. The person is called [Gergely Soós]. He operates stony, from a cellar bursting out sub-basses, but his aim to sing too.



Former members:

Márton Péter
- guitars -
- bass -

Puskás Péter
- vocals -

Nagy Gergely
- bass -
- vocals -

Horváth Ádám
- vocals -

Németh Tibor
- bass -

Soós Gergely
- vocals -

Vértesi István
- bass -

Greskó Károly
- guitars, vocals -


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